The Yacht Week

So the cinematography in this video isn’t incredible, the music is very good, but mostly what I like is that it reminds that there is a whole world outside of middle of the nowhere America. When I get toasted sometimes I’ll just sit back and chill, watch this, and realize that in only 2 years I will be able to go on The Yacht Week myself. Until then, stay cheesing.


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3 Responses to The Yacht Week

  1. Sam says:

    My yachts are grander, my women finer, my seas bluer, and my accents more pronounced.

  2. tworedeyesoneguy says:

    this looks like insane, i wonder if its like what its made out to be, anyone know?

    • theotherredeyes says:

      Pretty sure its just that dope. You have to be 20, and get a boat crew together, but it only costs 400 euros, which is a lot, but not much for all you get.

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