Skinny-Smoke Rings ft. Mac Miller

Video from my boy Skinny from the DMV, ft. Mac Miller from Rostrum Records. The beat was made by my boy, Smoke Trixx and the song was recorded in pittsburgh at Big Jerm’s studio with Jerm on the boards. This song should be a smoker’s anthem. Skinny is currently making moves to record with Reakwon. The beat is hard and Skinny’s lyrics are always on point. Enjoy.

“servin strong to the community, but feds wont give impunity, to reckless teenagers who be just tryna flip some buddha g”

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16 Responses to Skinny-Smoke Rings ft. Mac Miller

  1. tworedeyesoneguy says:

    added to my smoke list

    • smokeallday says:

      Yo this beat is so dope. This Smoke Trixx guy needs to put some more stuff out there. He is def one of the best producers ive heard in a long time.

  2. Arizonaganja420 says:

    Sick song, that skinny guy is killing it. Mac is flowin like a waterfall. Nice beat too.

  3. ArizonaState420 says:

    This is sick, been bumping it all week at the house. Its on the Sigma Phi Epsilon party, smoking list for sure.

  4. soccerayy221 says:

    This blog is pretty good, def going on my favorites, and this is the best mac song i ever heard. who made this beat?

  5. purpbythelb says:

    Smoke Trixx made this beat.

  6. Joey.Rigioni says:

    Hot damn that song is fire. Who this Skinny guy be. looks a clown. raps like a pro though.

  7. Beatsupdowntown says:

    this beat is raw just showed it to Lord Finesse. He thinks its raw too. Yo Smoke Trixx you get a website? How can I get at you?

  8. Android420!! says:

    This song is sick. Skinny is killing it. Smoke Trixx made a banger here. Lets hear what else he has…

    And Skinny when is ur mixtape coming out bro?

  9. digitallife433 says:

    Yo Smoke Trixx, this is sick. When you releasing more songs?

  10. Eatityo says:

    This song is amazing. ON my smoking list forsure. Represent Texas!!! Skinny come do a show in ft. worth!

  11. Anonymous says:


    Thanks Yo once me and smoke Trixx drop the tape and shit really gets poppin hopefully I’ll be touring everywhere, fort worth included.


    It’s coming out at the end of the summer. After I record the track with Raekwon the tapes basically finished except for a couple of songs I’mma rerecord, master, etc. The tapes gonna be called “The Smoke Kings”. Most of the beats (around 17 out of the hypothetical 21 for the tape), are produced by Smoke Trixx, with additional production from Atommik Boy, Struggle Music and more. The tape will have guest features from Raekwon, Mac Miller, Percee P, Equaleyes, Killa-T, Mike Stud, and possibly more depending on variables. It will be hosted by DC area DJ DJ Rob, and possibly cohosted by another DJ. I’ll be leaking tracks and videos on youtube and blogs (such as this one) soon, and the tape will be available for download on DatPiff even without membership. Expect filming from FTF Productions, and Eric Taggart Productions.

  12. Skinny says:


    Thanks yo. Hopefully one day I’ll be touring everywhere, Ft. Worth included. I know how y’all get down in Texas.


    My mixtape is dropping sometime at the end of the summer. Most of the tracks are recorded, I just have to hit the booth with Raekwon and record the last feature track. The tape is going to be called “The Smoke Kings”. Most tracks on the tape will be produced by Smoke Trixx, and the tape will also feature production from DC/Virginia area producers Atommik Boy and Struggle Music, as well as a mixtape beat or two. The tape will have guest features from Mac Miller (as seen here), Raekwon, Percee P, Killa-T, Equaleyes, Mike Stud and more. It will be hosted by DJ Rob, a prominent DJ in the District/Maryland/Virginia rap scene, and possibly cohosted by another DJ. I’ll be releasing videos for songs soon to promote the tape on blogs (like this one) and YouTube. Thanks for all the feedback, and I hope y’all give the tape a listen when it drops on, available for free download even to those who are not members of the site.

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