Red Bull Canvas

So some people might say, “why this red bull shit on a blog designed for people maxin and relaxin?”. Well fuck them, I have so much respect for Red Bull as a company. First off they are a company designed around energy so all of their marketing has to do with extreme sports, which are sick. Secondly they have mad money and spend it making videos like this one. If they want to spend their money having people do dope shit all the power to them, grab a red bull. Enjoy.

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One Response to Red Bull Canvas

  1. seamus o'dudehan says:

    fuck all of the people who don’t fuck with red bull i will fucking kill them with my fucking hands and puree them and rebottle them in fucking red bull cans because red bull goes fucking hard, i am fucking hard, and all red bull drinkers go hard as fuck 100% of the fucking time because that is the only fucking percentage i know fuck yeah fuck yeah and FUCK math

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