ESPN 30 for 30 – Once Brothers (1/6)

I gotta say, if there are three things I like they are documentaries, sports, and Vlade Divac. This is the first of 6 parts that make up the documentary “Once Brothers” apart of ESPN’s 30 for 30 which tells the story of two of the best European basketball players ever and their countries’ political conflicts. For those who don’t know 30 for 30 “chronicles 30 stories from the ‘ESPN era,’ each of which detail the issues, trends, people, teams, or events that transformed the sports landscape”. Sometimes I think about watching sports and I get down. Many times I feel like they are pointless, in every game someone will win and someone will loose and at the end of the day does your life really change if your team wins the Superbowl? No. However, after watching many of 30 for 30’s amazing stories which capture the beauty and many times ugliness of sports I am reminded that there really is value in watching sports.  Anyways, that is enough of my thoughts, take a look.

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