Who/what the fuck?

We have all been there. Sitting at your computer with red eyes wanting to watch a dope video. We are here for you, from Vape Cod to Potswana, just trying to make your life a little easier. Twoguysredeyes was founded by 2 dudes, but now includes a couple of close bros, who wanted to share great music videos and other gems that will wet your dry eyes, and keep you cheesin. Enjoy.


6 Responses to Who/what the fuck?

  1. Lace says:


    My name is Lace,

    I’m a rapper representing University of Miami

    I’m good friends with Skinny who was on your website the other day on the track with Mac Miller, “smoke rings”.

    I hit the studio with him and some other local rappers, Young Prince & Kam Royal, in D.C. at DJ Rob Mista DMV of Target Squad’s studio over Thanksgiving.

    This is my first song, it’s on a real serious topic, and there will be more to come…



  2. The Network says:

    Were a rap group from the Ardmore area of Philadelphia PA. Our group consists of Joshie (1st verse), Mir (2nd verse), and Jay Wills(3rd verse). So far most of our recording have been done on our Mac laptops. Our message to the world is just having fun and making sure you stay true to you no matter what and just expressing teenage life in general. We have a mix tape entitled Yellow Robot coming soon. This is the 1st leak single drop….whatever you want to call it.

  3. The Network says:

    Were a rap group from Ardmore PA, this s our fourth release. A few bars from the groups youngest member Mir over the beat from DJ Premier that Kanye passed down.

  4. Steven Chen says:

    http://wimp.com/skiinglevel/ thought you guys’d like this… though it is summer. i dunno if it’s on vimeo or something more presentable, but yeeeee

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