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Beat Ya Feet Kings

Beat Ya Feet Kings are a dance crew hailing from DC. The dancing doesnt actually start till about a minute in, but believe me its worth waiting. These dudes have crazy swag and I actually had the chance to meet … Continue reading

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Rock The Bells 2010 Launch Party – Supernatural Lineup Freestyle

A couple of summers ago I went to Rock The Bells music festival which features some of the best rappers around. I saw Supernatural who is a sick MC and a great freestyler and each year he “freestyles” the lineup … Continue reading

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I really love watching a good cypher and this Swim Team cypher is a great cypher. Needless to say you should check it out. Dumbfounded spits fire. Props to sam lip.

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Homeless G-Funk beat boxer behind the HVW8 Gallery

Homeless dude beat boxing. He is really talented and the song is real catchy. Check it out. In fact I’m going to add another of his videos below. Holler. I should tell ya momma on ya.

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Eyedea & SLUG on the Wake Up Show

Sick freestyle session from Minneapolis rappers Eyedea and Slug (from Atmosphere). Both of whom are apart of the label Rhymesayers. Eyedea died back in October of this year from an overdose. As you can see he was an amazing freestyler … Continue reading

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OCD: Moosh & Twist – Possibilities

Song from two philly dudes, Moosh and Twist that I just happened to find on the interwebs. Anyways, I think they are pretty sick and have a lot of potential. Sit back, enjoy. And I want you to see, when … Continue reading

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Coachella 2010

This is a video from Coachella Music Festival in 2010. The video uses a technique called “tilt shift” which makes it look like the images are really small almost toy like. Nothing says red eyes like Coachella or any other … Continue reading

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